QGDQueen's Gambit Declined (chess)
QGDQuadro Geral de Distribuição (Portuguese: General Framework for Distribution; Brazil)
QGDQuilters Guild of Dallas (Dallas, TX)
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Carlsen saw his winrun end at six after being forced to a quick 17move draw by Vassily Ivanchuk in another QGD (Ragozin Variation).
New features include a reduction in QGD, improved Miller ratio providing high dv/dt immunity, low inductance pads for improved connection to both gate and drain circuits, orthogonal current flow between the gate and drain circuits for enhanced CSI reduction, and a separate gate return connection.
In QGD, Guru picked up an extra Pawn however that proved to be his undoing as this gave Abraham an opportunity to force Guru to give up a Rook for a Bishop.