QGDQueen's Gambit Declined (chess)
QGDQuadro Geral de Distribuição (Portuguese: General Framework for Distribution; Brazil)
QGDQuilters Guild of Dallas (Dallas, TX)
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The quasi-gasdynamic (QGD) system of equations [2,3] in the 1D case consists of the following mass, momentum and total energy balance equations
Dan Peterson was stationed with the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QGD) - better known as the Welsh Cavalry - recording their time battling Taliban fighters in the Afghanistan province of Helmand on canvas.
In QGD, Guru picked up an extra Pawn however that proved to be his undoing as this gave Abraham an opportunity to force Guru to give up a Rook for a Bishop.
In support of the President's plan, the Office of Generic Drugs (QGD), within the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), has approved or tentatively approved over a dozen applications for a number of products to treat HIV/AIDS through an innovative product development and expedited application review process.
Features of the series include an [R.sub.DS(on)] from as low as 1.2 m[ohm] to 5.1 m[ohm] at 10 V and 1.8 to 8.5 m[ohm] at 4.5 V, with a QG from 11 nC to 49 nC and QGD from 3.7nC to 16C.
The devices feature low Figure of Merit (FOM = RDS(on) 3 Qgd).
Initial 30-V [V.subd.DS] and 20-V [V.sub.GS] WFET Devices [r.sub.DS(on).sup.max.] @ [V.sub.gs] [[OMEGA]] Qg Qgd Typ.