QGMQuery Graph Model (computer science)
QGMQuestar Gas Management (natural gas energy)
QGMQuarterly General Meeting
QGMQueen's Gallantry Medal
QGMQuantitative Gas Measurement (geology)
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The QGM focused both on the management levels of the posting undertaking, including the master level, as well as on a hierarchical mixed cross-section of all employees.
His work was so ultra-secret he has never been allowed to see the citation for one of his QGMs because the mission involved was so sensitive.
MANR will use QGM to manage their gas marketing activities, fair value mark-to-market accounting and gas scheduling activities.
QGM actively manages marketing transactions and counterparty credit exposure, provides position reporting on both a physical and financial basis, and serves as an analytical tool for marketers, risk managers, analysts, schedulers, and accountants.
Gateshead-born Falklands hero Sqn Ldr Brian William Jopling QGM (RAF) left, and right, in his RAF days
Bear joins a band of backers of National Citizen Service, who include Alex Zane, Johnson Beharry VC, Ben Collins (aka The Stig), Danny Crates, Marlon Devonish MBE, Alex Gregory, DJ Mistajam, Melissa Suffield and Chris Hunter QGM.
His QGM is being sold with three other medals and mementoes from his career.
Special guests included Deputy Officer Commanding Squadron Leader Joe Ayre from the Central and East Yorkshire Wing, Wing Commander Greg Hammond from RAF Fylingdale and Chief of Staff of North Region Air Cadets, Wing Commander Ken Davies QGM.
The QGM is also awarded to Capt Taitusi Saukuru, 28, from The King's Regiment, for his service in Basra from June to November 2003.
s non-regulated activities, including the exploration and development operations, mid-stream and marketing operations within the affiliated companies of Wexpro QGM, Questar Exploration and Production (including all predecessor companies, Celsius Energy, SEI, and Universal Resources), and Questar Energy Trading.
The QGM is awarded only for "exemplary acts of bravery".