QHFQuality Health Foundation (Easton, MD)
QHFQuintus Horatius Flaccus (Roman poet, 65-8 BC)
QHFQuill Hair & Ferrule (also seen as QH&F; Columbia, SC)
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QHS formed QHF in 2003 in an effort to improve health care in local communities.
Others to attend the press conference were IHF Head of Organising and Competiion Leon Kalin, IHF Treasurer Sandi Sola, IHF Executive Member Joel Delplanque and QHF Secretary General Mohamed Jaber al Mulla.
Kalin also counted a number of benefits that the Super Globe, which has been organised so successfully by the QHF since 2010.
AHN has actively participated in QHF for several years and our physicians' scores reflect our dedication to continuous quality improvement.
We are pleased to single out these organizations for their important quality improvement initiatives," said Brenda Crabbs, Co-Chair of the QHF Board of Directors.
QHF has plans to develop this festival tournament into an annual Global Festival with teams from Europe, America and Australia.
The goal of the QHF program is that patients will experience fewer health complications and physicians will see better adherence to evidence-based medical practices and will have more satisfaction with healthier patients.
QHS formed QHF in 2003 in an effort to further its mission of improving health care in local communities.
The QHF program was designed by IHIE and the Employers' Forum of Indiana, building upon a system that securely aggregates and accurately delivers patient information such as lab results, medication histories, treatment histories and other clinical data in a standardized, electronic format, across all providers.
In 2005, QHF awarded $250,000 to six different organizations.