QHFQuality Health Foundation (Easton, MD)
QHFQuintus Horatius Flaccus (Roman poet, 65-8 BC)
QHFQuill Hair & Ferrule (also seen as QH&F; Columbia, SC)
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The launch of the QHF Program's public reporting website is an important milestone towards greater transparency in healthcare and patient empowerment," said Gloria Caruthers, Director of Benefits Strategy for Cummins, Inc.
More information about the QHF Program methodology, measures definitions and specification is available on the public reporting website.
QHF is also hosting the Qatar Youth Hockey Festival at Aspire today.
Seven-hundred physicians, comprised mainly from the area's large hospital physician groups, are already participating in the QHF program.
Hobbs, CEO of Community Physicians of Indiana, a group of 178 physicians which is participating in the QHF program.
John Ralph Collip, a physician located Morristown, Indiana, has been using the QHF program reports in his practice.
As an added benefit to participants of the QHF program, IHIE was selected by the Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) registry.
As an approved registry, IHIE is able to offer this service to physicians at no cost for a select group of measures that are included in both the QHF and PQRI programs.
The QHF program was conceived by the Employers' Forum of Indiana, and is run by IHIE.
Kalin also counted a number of benefits that the Super Globe, which has been organised so successfully by the QHF since 2010.
oeThe QHF did everything within the rights of the hosts and entered three teams in this year's Super Globe.
A[yen] QHF Secretary General Mulla thanked all the IHF officials and said: oeRight now, about 18 months are left for the big event and everything is going well according to the plan.