QHGQuest for the Holy Grail
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of all patients in whom full range of movements couldn't be achieved two of them had ACLR with BTB graft, and one with QHG.
DISCUSSION: The present study of Arthroscopic guided anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using BTB, QHG and QTG grafts was done during the period of April 2012 to May 2013, at Osmania Medical College & Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.
of cases Treatment Given Anterior knee pain 03 NSAIDS Infection (Superficial) 01 Intravenous antibiotics Infection (Deep) 0 Extensor Lag 03 Rehabilitation Table 15: Surgical Protocol Author & Graft Technique Femoral Tibial Year of used Fixation Fixation Publisher Patel Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 2010 autogenous screw screw BTB/QHG Jomha Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 20008 autogenous screw screw BTB/QHG Bach Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference 2008 autogenous screw screw QTG/BTB Our Ipsilateral Arthroscopic Interference Interference Study autogenous screw screw BPTB/QTG/ QHG Table 16: Patient Variables Author & No.
For QHG beam, the field u(x', 0) at z = 0 can be represented as [36]
For linearly polarized quantum light, substituting (22) into (6), we can obtain the formula for the degree of depolarization of QHG beams propagating through a turbulent atmosphere slant channel
Now we study the numerical results of the influence of turbulence on the depolarization degree of QHG beams by using the formulae derived in the above section.
1 The functor F : QHG [right arrow] AQHG is a reflector; more precisely the pair ([r.sub.H], ([[DELTA.sub.H], *)) is a reflection for (H, x) [member of] Ob(QHG), hence the category AQHG is a bireflective (i.e., mono- and epi-) full subcategory of the category QHG.
2 Let [H.sub.v] G be the full subcategory of all [H.sub.v]-groups of the category QHG, A[H.sub.v]G its full subcategory of all commutative [H.sub.v]-groups.
Hayward has now published the first English translation of QHG. He has also provided us with a detailed commentary, the focus of which is on Jerome's Hebraic source material.
8, however, Hayward misstates my interpretation of the Preface to Isaiah; I had cited the phrase `novum scribendi genus' as an analogy, and I did not render this phrase as `philology'.) On the other hand, he would adjust those ideas by setting a greater distance between QHG and its generic antecedents, the Antiochene Quaestiones, and the Origenian Commentarioli.
The evidence clearly demonstrated that the head of maintenance provided actual written notice to QHG almost one year before the accident occurred!
Especially noteworthy is the emphasis on the material in QHG, where there is a concentration, not only of readings cited from the recentiores, but also a rich collection of rabbinic oral traditions.