QHSRQuadrennial Homeland Security Review (US DHS)
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Neither the review process nor the report to Congress is a strategy, instead the 2014 QHSR (both the process and report) are part of the constant reevaluation of the nation's homeland security and part of the process by which the combined National and Homeland Security Staff develops the next iteration of the national security strategy.
Congress required both the QHSR process and report to include
DHS solicited input from various stakeholder groups in conducting the first QHSR, but DHS officials, stakeholders GAO contacted, and other reviewers of the QHSR noted concerns with time frames provided for stakeholder consultations and outreach to nonfederal stakeholders.
Recommendation: To strengthen DHS's planning, management, and execution of the next QHSR, the DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy should provide more time for consulting with stakeholders during the QHSR process to help ensure that stakeholders are provided the time needed to review QHSR documents and provide input into the review, and build this time into the department's project planning for the next QHSR.
That process began in November and its results are due the first quarter of this year, the QHSR said.
"While the ultimate importance of the QHSR may be called into question, there can be no doubt that such long-term planning efforts, which seek to set forth a vision and align resources, are critical to establishing a viable and effective homeland security apparatus," he added.
The QHSR is a Congressionally mandated, top-to-bottom review of homeland security that will guide the department for the next four years and inform the nation's homeland security policies, programs and missions.
QHSR stresses that responsibility for homeland security goes beyond the federal government.
In early January 2009, the president-elect is expected to resolve whether to defer a decision on FEMA movement on the basis of a senior leadership decision memorandum concerning whether to wait until after the QHSR. The Center for American Progress and The Third Way has written a book for release in January 2009 aimed at the new administration, Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President.
QHSR ("kisser" in common parlance), modeled explicitly on
Risk, in turn, is an important element of the QHSR which will ultimately inform how the department proposes to allocate resources in the future based on the evolving threat environment.
(QHSR), on the model of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) at the