QHWRAQuality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998
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While the QHWRA was a step in the right direction, its policies are too weak and its implementation mechanisms too poorly designed to further its intended goals.
Although the QHWRA does impose these requirements to some extent, the extent is nowhere near sufficient.
QHWRA and HUD both fail to specifically define what constitutes "work" in this context.
5 (2002), available at http://financialservices.house.gov/media/pdf/042302jw.pdf (discussing housing advocates' opinion that the QHWRA requirements are "unjust and discriminatory against low-income persons who receive federal housing assistance").
Of the 18 QHWRA reforms GAO asked about in its national survey, housing agencies of all sizes had similar views on 11 of them.
QHWRA During the past decade, PHAs "have gained much greater discretion over many aspects of the public housing program, including tenant selection, the use of income incentives, and rent setting," according to researchers Deborah J.
According to the National Academy of Public Administration, "Prior to QHWRA, 75 percent to 85 percent (depending on project age) of all households admitted to public housing were required to have incomes below 50 percent of the median area income.
The QHWRA also contains several provisions to help families living in public housing make a successful transition from welfare to work.
Under the QHWRA's mandatory receivership provision, HUD is obligated to seek a receiver within two years for troubled PHAs that do not improve enough to escape their troubled status.
HOPE VI expensive-to-maintain was funded in 1999 via the housing and to promote Quality Housing and Work homeownership and a move Responsibility Act of 1998 toward self-sufficiency for ("QHWRA") (described below).