QI1Qualified Individual 1
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Random interview question, QI1. The interview question on the meaning of random, QI1, offered more support than the survey question, principally by providing a context, a television announcement about a lottery, for eliciting students' ideas.
Table 4 shows the distribution of levels of response across the grades for question QI1 for the 99 students who were interviewed.
The association of levels of responses for the two interview questions on the meaning of random, QI1, and the lottery question, QI2, is shown in Table 9.
S8 was a Grade 6 student whose total score summed to 16 and who responded at Level 3 for the random interview task, QI1, and at Level 4 for the birth order question, Q13.
All 23 of the students were asked to discuss the meaning of random, QI1. Of these, 12 responded at the same level the second time, 8 responses were Level 3 and only one was at Level 4 each time.