QIADQuantitative Inventory of Alcohol Disorders (measurement tool)
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47.6% of BAC positive and 65.2% of SMAST positive scored > 21 on QIAD indicating presence of alcoholism.24% of alcohol positives were neglecting their personal responsibilities and 25% had faced legal problems due to alcohol use.
Algo semejante ocurrira con esta Mafia de Shanghai cuyo titulo original es Yao a yao yao dao wai pe qiad, titulo que suena extrano y lo es: se trata de la letra de una de las canciones.
Finally, the personalities of the likely candidates for succession, with the two leading candidates being Jiang Zemin, the putative successor, and Qiad Shi, a shadowy figure with ties to internal security affairs, do not give much indiction of the chance of any major new initiatives after Deng Xiaoping's death.