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QIDQuater In Die (Latin: Four Times A Day)
QIDQuad Information Display
QIDQueue Id
QIDQueen's Indian Defense (chess)
QIDQuad Information Display (Matrox)
QIDQuality Insights of Delaware
QIDQuestion Identification Number (finance)
QIDQuake Imperial Descendants (game)
QIDQuality Inspection Department
QIDQuality Instruction Directive
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Step 3: (encrypt): An user can choose r, then calculates ciphertext(C) for M, be C= (rP, M[direct sum][H.sub.3]([g.sub.ID.sup.r])) where [g.sub.ID]=e(QID,[P.sub.pub])
Noneradicated EMs were retreated with dual therapy consisting of 40 mg OPZ (bid) and 500 mg AMC (qid) for 14 days whereas PMs were retreated with 20 mg OPZ (bid) and 500 mg AMC (qid) for 14 days.
Glucose System Specifics(*) System Test Strip Method/Reference 1 Accu-Chek Advantage Electrochemical/Hitachi H 717, plasma 2 Accu-Chek Comfort Electrochemical/Hitachi Curve 717, plasma 3 Precision G Electrochemical/YSI, plasma 4 Precision QID Electrochemical/YSI, plasma 5 SureStep Reflectance photometric/ YSI, plasma 6 Glucometer Elite Electrochemical/Hitachi 704, plasma System Enzyme Blood Sample Sample Sample Dosing Volume, [micro]L 1 GD C, V, A, N Top 9-14 2 GD C, V, A, N Side 4 3 GO C,V, A, N Top 3.5 4 GO C,V, A, N Top 3.5 5 GO C,V Top [double dagger] 6 GO C,V Tip 3.5
According to executives at QID Marketing, Quebec manufacturers have had to contend with transportation problems which have not made it easy to develop external markets.
An unblinded RCT assigned 83 immunocompetent infants with culture-positive oral thrush to receive either 25 mg miconazole oral gel (not commercially available in the United States) or nystatin suspension (1 mL of 100,000 IU/mL) qid after meals.
We treated 40 patients who had sinonasal polyposis and sinusitis with one of two antileukotrienes: zafirlukast (20 mg po bid) or zileuton (600 mg po qid).
His dose was increased to TID, then 50 mg QID over successive weeks, and he became even more disoriented, began "sundowning," became incontinent of his urine and could not be easily aroused.
Every Ooredoo residential customer with a mobile number under their QID or passport can register to the Nojoom Football Millionaire game and earn Nojoom Points.
Every Ooredoo residential customer with a mobile number under their QID or passport can register to the 'Nojoom Football Millionaire Game' and earn Nojoom points, which can be redeemed at over 220 local and international Nojoom partner outlets.
Subjects enrolled in the study will be randomized into three arms: EyeGate OBG administered four times daily for 14 days, EyeGate OBG administered eight times daily for three days, followed by QID administration for 11 days and BCL, with QID administration of artificial tears for 14 days.
The program ePocrates qID (qID) is freely downloadable after registration at http://www.epocrates.