QIDBQatar Industrial Development Bank
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The IQTIG required for data acquisition years 2016 and 2017, the licensing, expansion and maintenance of a software for the creation of quality indicators database (Qidb) and computation and compilation of evaluation reports and the provision of databases and plans, but not before a period of at least 10 calendar days with effect from the day following the publication of this notice ( 135 para 3 of the ARC;.
Although still operating on a much smaller scale, the private industry sector is developing, encouraged by the formation of the Qatar Industrial Development Bank (QIDB), talk of an ease in restrictions in foreign investment (which would do away with the requirement for 51 per cent Qatari investment in companies operating in the State), and the opening of the Doha Securities Market (Stock Exchange) to non-Qatari investors.
The QIDB was negotiating, in May, with a German company to set up a joint stock venture in Qatar with a capital of QR120 million, for the manufacture of medical equipment.