QIFAQuadruple Inverted-F Antenna
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Correspondence should be addressed to Qifa Ye; yqf_china@163.com and Yanfeng Wang; yanfengwang@whu.edu.cn
Lebanese Blogs As'ad AbuKhalil, * "Angry Arab." www.angryarab.blogspot.com Elias Muhanna, "Qifa Nabki." www.qifanabki.com/ Interviewed via Skype, January 29, 2011.
It is not hard to imagine that China could repeat the feat with com, soybeans, and other crops (Qifa Zhang is working with another major Chinese seed company, China National Seed, on rice).
Things begin quietly, with country bumpkin Luo (Hong Qifa) and wife Guihua (Han Dequn) visiting Hubei province to apparently adopt little Xiao Ezi, aka Little Moth (Zhao Huihui), whose mother has died and whose father is an unemployed drunk.
Bao Qifa's, chairman of Hainan Airlines, said: 'As a five-star Airline and an outstanding representative of Chinese national enterprises, Hainan Airlines actively participates in the 'One Belt One Road Initiative', and is committed to become the forerunner and practitioner of achieving China's civil aviation power.
A statement issued by residents of the Qifa region, where the air strikes have taken place, complained that the strikes by both the US drones and the Yemeni air force were targeting "women and children at home".
Elias Muhanna, an assistant professor at Brown University who is well-known for his blog Qifa Nabki, believes formulations such as "the values and principles of Islam" are "loose definitions" that do not translate into attempts to impose Islamic law.
This book has been translated into Chinese by Wang Qifa [??][??][??] Mawangdui Hanmu boshu Wuxing yanjiu (Beijing: Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe, 2005).
Summary: Known for his blog Qifa Nabki on Lebanese politics, Elias Muhanna is in the middle of a year-long study to find out if adding a senate to the legislature could ease some of the country's political woes.
The Arabs have coined a proverb ashar min qifa nabki ("more famous than 'Stop, let us weep!'") quoting the first two words of Imru' al-Qays's Mu'allaqa.