QIGCQuebec Institute of Graphic Communications (Canada)
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QIGC is a landmark project for Qatar, offering a revolutionary and holistic approach to growing the game of golf.
Designed with respect for local culture and traditions, QIGC will feature female-centric practice facilities.
Once completed, QIGC - will become one of the most sustainable golf courses in the world by following the guidelines and criteria set by the Golf Enivironment Organisation (GEO).
The QIGC has developed a technology, for which a patent is pending, making possible to quickly and reliably analyze the consistency of ink performances.
Quebecor World congratulates the QIGC on having achieved this major development in our industry.
To mark the success of the programme, QIGC has awarded participating schools for helping to grow the game of golf amongst students.
Through having a clear pathway and defined structure for progression, the programme expects to see more and more children each year making the transition from the early coaching in schools to full-sized equipment and elite coaching at QIGC.
Alongside a state-of-the-art learning facility and family-friendly short forms of the game, QIGC aims to encourage everyone, regardless of age of ability, to experience the sport.
The QIGC project is not just about providing a unique experience for advanced golfers.
QIGC is an early adopter of the programme and has been working with GEO, a not-for-profit that is dedicated to supporting the global golf community in sustainable development, since 2012.