QIHEQeshm Institute of Higher Education (Tehran, Iran)
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Limited wastewater and sewage treatment capacity and increasing volumes of waste have resulted in flows of untreated wastewater into the Qihe River and its canals, and a lack of coordination among oversight agencies has hampered effective monitoring and management of the basins resources.
CHENMING GROUP Paper Mill Site Capacity Shouguang Chenming, Shouguang, Shandong 560,000 mtpy+300,000 mtpy* mills 1-3 Wuhan Chenming Hanyang, Wuhan 330,000 mtpy Chibi Chenming Hubei 65,000 mtpy Qihe Chenming Qihe, Shandong 320,000 mtpy Jilin Chenming Jilin 100,000 mtpy Xiang Fang Chenming Hubei 20,000 mtpy Hailaer Chenming Jianshe, Inner Mongolia 30,000 mtpy Jiangxi Chenming Nanchang, Jiangxi 380,000 mtpy Total papermaking capacity 1,4 million metric tons at the end of 2003 OTHER CHENMING COMPANIES Chenming Panels Shouguang, Shandong Panelboard Company Chenming Thermal Shouguang, Shandong 174 GW/hour of power.
Improved ecology, water environment, and quality of life in and around Qihe River in Hebi.
The proposed loan for qihe river environment improvement and ecological conservation in hebi city, henan province is included in adb s lending program as a 2016 firm and 2015 standby loan.