QILQuad in Line
QILQuoin Int Limited (Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands)
QILQuaternary Isotope Laboratory (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
QILQuality Inspection Log
QILQuality Instruction List
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With available cash, QIL is extremely well-placed for the next stage of its development as we seek to identify, develop and close productive investment opportunities in our key markets, particularly while the economic environment in UAE, Central London and Eastern Europe remain so advantageous.
viendrent a le guardrope et pistrent toutz les torches qils purroient trover et les mettrent en feu et toutz les dras et coverletes el lites et dosers de graunt valu, [.
A warning appears at the end of this set of ordinances: "si ascun serchour de mesme lartifice vient pur malice ou ascun autre fraude pur sercher en mesme lartifice, qil paiera xij d.
Quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping using different testers and independent population samples in maize reveals low power of QTL detection and large bias in estimates of QIL effects.
The Middle English MS seems faulty here: Anglo-Norman version in MS Arundel 56 reads "lui pria qil se peut ou lui mettre en la meyn dieu pur retourner ascun lieu a sa foy' (Brock 1887, 35).
54) "[Alfred] pendi Freberne pur ceo qil jugea Harpin a la mort ou les jurours furent en dote de lur verdit.
While some of these involved a greater number of investors and far larger losses, "The Great Salad Qil Swindle" stands out for its sheer creativity.
QIL is a closed-ended investment company managed by ADCM Ltd.
Liam McCaffrey, Quinn Group chief executive, said lifting administration was in everybody's interest and that, if given the time, the solvency issues at QIL would be resolved by the end of the year.
Upon filing of the administrative proceedings with the Court, QIL will operate under administration, whereby an administrator will be retained by QIL for the purpose of either reorganizing or liquidating QIL's business for the benefit of creditors.
The other projects are the Beladsait road to the Centre of the wilaya in the wilayat of Bahla (14 km); Al Ayniyah Al Bori road to Somarah in the wilayat of Sumail in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate (10 km) and Al A qil road to Al Tasaweer in the wilayat of Izki, the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate (eight kilometres).
267, notes that the commentators make vain efforts to determine the case of qil, and he thinks that the word is certainly displaced.