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QIPQualified Institutional Placement (investment option; India)
QIPQuiet Internet Pager (client, instant messaging)
QIPQuality Imaging Products
QIPQuantum Information Processing
QIPQuality Improvement Program
QIPQuality Improvement Plan
QIPQuality Improvement Process
QIPQuick Impact Project
QIPQuality Improvement Paradigm
QIPQSL Information Pages
QIPQuality in Practice
QIPQuality Indicator Project
QIPQuality Insights of Pennsylvania
QIPQuercus Internet Partners
QIPQuality Instant Printing (California)
QIPQuake Info Pool (gaming)
QIPQuantum Industrial Partners LDC
QIPQuality Inspection Plan
QIPQuality Improvement Partnership
QIPQuad Interface Processor
QIPQuad Inline Package
QIPQuality Improvement Prototype
QIPQuiescat in Pace (Latin: May He Rest in Peace, epigraphy)
QIPQuality Insert Program (newspaper circulation)
QIPQuantum Index of Production
QIPQuinte Insulin Pumpers
QIPQuiet Implicit PIC
QIPQuasi Isostatic Pressing
QIPQuench Index Parameter
QIPQuadrilateral Interoperability Program
QIPQuality Improvement Procedure
QIPQuadrilateral Interface Program
QIPQuake Imperial Pro (game)
QIPQuality Intervention Program
QIPQualified Independent Person
QIPQuarterly Installment Payment (tax)
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If Cumulusmet or exceeded the full-year 2017 maximum EBITDA goal, each named executive officer is entitled under the 2017 QIP to a total payout for the full year equal to 150% of his or her respective 2017 QIP target award opportunity.
So, there is now no need for QIP this fiscal as more capital would also flow-in through recap bonds, he said.
With a QIP, which is a capital-raising tool, listed companies can sell equity shares, fully and partly convertible debentures, or any securities other than warrants that are convertible into stocks, to a qualified institutional buyer.
The QIP saw subscription from foreign as well as domestic QIBs.
The QIP was subscribed by seven to eight investors including mutual funds apart from Goldman Sachs and Creador.
The QPP, QCP, and QIP are explained detail in sections 3, 4 and 5 respectively at "Juran's Quality Handbook".
Proceeds of the QIP will be used to repay high cost rupee debt.
The QIP is the first pay-for-performance program in a Medicare fee-for-service payment system.
The QIP would apply to both hospital-based and freestanding facilities.
The QIP provides a framework across health care for continuous quality improvement in the clinical areas of CVD (including stroke) and diabetes.
NYSE:MOT) has redefined the digital video recorder (DVR) as a multimedia hub that lets consumers access and share video recordings, video-on-demand (VOD) content, pictures and music in and around the home with the introduction of the new Motorola QIP family of products.