QIRQuality in Research (conference; Indonesia)
QIRQuality Improvement Request
QIRQuality Inspection Report
QIRQuestion, Information Response
QIRQuantitative Investment Research SA (China)
QIRQuantified Imaging Resource (medical imaging software)
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In the registration form of QIR, authors have to complete the metadata including title, authors' name, and so on.
On the other hand, QIR has only 20,000 "full texts" as mentioned in the previous subsection.
As the first trial, we developed a system that connects QIR with the viewer system of DHJS [9] and evaluated the effect of the system by analyzing the access log [10].
1) in the viewer system that distinguishes whether the paper is archived in QIR or not.
The QIR Committee's analysis of data from the computerized tracking and trending software, along with their evaluation of resident outcomes, captured the following list of outcomes (representing 80 fields of data gathered monthly):
Since 1999, when the Reduction of Risk for Falls Program was initiated, the QIR Committee leadership and members have continued to experience frustration over the fluctuations in the "Accidents--Incidence of New Fractures" and "Prevalence of Falls" statistics (although it has been determined that many of the new fractures were not associated with falls and required other approaches to staff training and operations--perhaps the subject of another article).
Management continues to support the QIR Committee's and clinical staff's efforts to reduce the risk of falls, knowing that to do less or nothing would lead to even higher occurrences of falls with serious injuries.
As a further encouragement, during both the state survey in April 2002 and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) survey in May, the QIR Committee presented the quality-indicators facility program, highlighting the Reduction of Risk for Falls Program.
The QIR training curriculum is comprised of an eight-hour self-paced eLearning course made up of three modules covering:
The Council will also host a webinar for those interested in learning more about the QIR program, followed by a live question and answer session with PCI SSC experts:
For more information on the QIR program, pricing, and participation requirements, please visit the training section of the PCI SSC website.
The QIR program will also be a topic of discussion at the upcoming PCI Community Meetings in Orlando, Florida on September 12-14, and in Dublin, Ireland on October 22-24.