QIRQuality in Research (conference; Indonesia)
QIRQuality Improvement Request
QIRQuality Inspection Report
QIRQuestion, Information Response
QIRQuantitative Investment Research SA (China)
QIRQuantified Imaging Resource (medical imaging software)
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Integrators and resellers that complete the QIR program will also be included in the lists of approved, qualified providers maintained by the PCI-SSC and Visa to help merchants easily identify resellers that are up-to-date on the latest security best practices.
To enhance our data collection related to falls, the QIR Committee recommended the development of a computerized falls-data-tracking and -trending system, using Microsoft Access; our information management department developed the program in Microsoft Excel format for easier data entry and graphic report generation.
The QIR Committee's analysis of data from the computerized tracking and trending software, along with their evaluation of resident outcomes, captured the following list of outcomes (representing 80 fields of data gathered monthly):
Since 1999, when the Reduction of Risk for Falls Program was initiated, the QIR Committee leadership and members have continued to experience frustration over the fluctuations in the "Accidents--Incidence of New Fractures" and "Prevalence of Falls" statistics (although it has been determined that many of the new fractures were not associated with falls and required other approaches to staff training and operations--perhaps the subject of another article).
QIR customers will have the opportunity to submit a formal feedback form online, which the Council will review as part of its quality assurance process.
The QIR training curriculum is comprised of an eight-hour self-paced eLearning course made up of three modules covering:
The Council will also host a webinar for those interested in learning more about the QIR program, followed by a live question and answer session with PCI SSC experts:
A key advantage of participating in PQRS through the Osteoporosis QIR is that CMS has permitted the use of not only PQRS-approved measures, but also new non-PQRS measures.
Additional benefits for eligible professionals participating in the Osteoporosis QIR include:
As a QCDR, the Osteoporosis QIR meets CMS requirements for PQRS and QCDR reporting for the 2014 reporting year.
The Council congratulates Reliant for becoming the first QIR and demonstrating its commitment to supporting merchants' PCI DSS compliance efforts through secure installation and maintenance of PA-DSS validated payment applications.
This led to some inconsistencies, which have now been resolved with the launch of the QIR program.