QIRCQueensland Industrial Relations Commission (Australia)
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Dental assistants seemed to be an 'obvious' workforce with which the QIRC's equal remuneration principle could be tested because of the findings of the 2001 Queensland pay equity inquiry.
A Full Bench of the QIRC stated, during that State's minimum rates adjustment process, that the work found in long day care centres was 'reasonably simple', and that both trained and untrained workers were 'performing the same duties and exercising the same responsibilities'.
The QIRC conducted a pay equity inquiry during 2000 and reported in March 2001.
(28.) Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union v The Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) Union of Employees, [2005] QIRC 139, 180 Queensland Government Industrial Gazette 187.
The trading hours for non-exempt retailers are set by a Full Bench of the QIRC (Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990 s.
In 1988, the QIRC extended Saturday trading hours until 4pm for non-exempt stores in metropolitan Brisbane (128 QGIG 174) (1).
The trading hours system in Queensland had remained relatively stable until the 1980s when increasing numbers of retailers sought extended trading hours through the QIRC. In response, on 24 November 1986, the Queensland government announced a one-month trial for 'optional' extended trading hours for all shops in the state.
The Queensland Trading Hours Act 1990 established the framework with applications for orders to vary trading hours heard and determined by the QIRC, with subsequent variations to relevant industry awards.