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Ancient times, in the Roman Dvazdganhy tablets that promise, the statute is written Qisas penalty for some crimes against people like cutting member of the human body, breaking bones and manslaughter case Accepted [7].
Thus, in the instance of deciding Qisas of a murder, if the wali of the victim is minor or insane, the right of Qisas devolves upon the father, if he is not alive then upon the grandfather, if he is not alive too, then the court is to appoint the wali (313 of PPC as amended by Q & D Ordinance).
Some of the victim's brothers have so far refused to waive their right to qisas (the legal term for retribution) and consent to pardoning her for her crime, according to the eldest brother.
Among the topics are linguistic and cultural features of an Iraqi Judeo-Arabic text of the qisas al-'anbiya' genre, The Story of Zayd and Kahla folk tale in a Judaeo-Arabic manuscript, comparing spoken contemporary Mixed Arabic and (pre)modern written Middle Arabic, Middle Arabic in Moshe Dar'i's Judaeo-Arabic poems, and Damascus Arabic according to the 1709 Compendio of Lucas Caballero.
The line-up of TV shows include Baad Al Tarawih (health, culinary, and socio-cultural topics related to Ramadan), Tijan Al Nour Holy Quran Recitation Contest, HezEorfen, Min Qossass Al Tabeen, Qisas Al Insan Fil Quran (animation of stories from the Quran) and the new comic series Shams W Rami.
The new line-up includes Bd Al Tarawih, Tijan Al Nour Holy Qur'an Recitation Contest, Hezarfen, Min Qossass Al Tabeen, Qisas Al InsanFil Qur'an and the new comic series Shams W Rami.
the Islamic law of Qisas allows like-for-like punishments in some cases but is rarely practised.
the Islamic law of Qisas and Diyat, said Rana Sanaullah, Law Minister of
QISAs and Pensions seem similar to me so which is best to save for retirement?
The second type of punishment is Qisas (retaliation), the prescribed response to personal crimes, such as murder and assault.
This is essentially what happens under Pakistan's Qisas (retribution) and Diyat (compensation) laws .
The IO has placed 16 prosecution witnesses and incorporated Sections 397 (Robbery or dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt) and 304 (proof of premeditated murder liable to qisas etc.