QISMQuantum Inverse Scattering Method
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The rhyme word qism also suggest that an older man should seek a woman who is "age-appropriate"--i.e., has the same portion of years.
In the end, it is not the vanity of the ism that counts, but rather it is God's decree of our lot, the final qism, that closes the poem.
"Qism al-lughat al-sharqiyya [Department of Oriental Studies]." Kulliyyat al-Adab, Jami'at al-Mansura [Faculty of Arts, Mansura University], <http://artsfac.mans.edu.eg/sectors-ar/academic-departments/362-animal -production-dep>.
Finally, Qism Al-Montaza is unique with its coastal environment.
After these ranges the agriculture appeared with large area in Sheyakha Al-Gedia, and in the southern of Markaz Edko, which cut by ranges of Mud around the edges of Edko Lake, and appeared again in the west of the lake in sheyakhas Kom Al-Tarfata and Al-Tarh, which were related to Markaz Kafr Al-Dawar, Al-Behira Governorate, also appeared in Tolombat Al-Tabia, and Al-Nasria, Sheyakhas, those were related to Qism Al-Montaza, Alexandria governorate.
The meaning are sag [Persian equivalent], qalb [Arabic equivalent], mash'hoor janwar [famous animal], aik qism ki ghas jo kaproon say chimat jati hay [Type of grass which sticks to clothes]
(7) qism [an Arabic word which means kind], nou [An Arabic word which means kind, species]
(In the discussion of exegetical commentaries, Shihadeh mentions an edition of part of a commentary on Avicenna's Najat but omits details; the correct reference, which he has now provided, is Fakhr al-Din al-Isfarayini al-Nishaburi, Sharh Kitab al-Najat li-Ibn Sina: Qism al-Ilahiyyat, ed.
The author then introduces the two parts (qism) of his treatise (S: fol.