QISTQuantum Information Science and Technology (physics)
QISTQueensland Innovation, Science and Technology (Australia)
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Murad claims here that the dream to "bring the society that we live in the peace (Islam) and justice (qist) which we believe lien only in surrendering (Islam) to the One God and in following his prophets [.] does not mean embarking [.] on the war path." See also: Larry Poston, Isla.mic Da'wah in the West, p.
Ello es que todo hombre libre pagara (cada ano): un dinar (de oro), cuatro almudes de trigo, cuatro de cebada, cuatro qist de vinagre, uno de miel y uno de aceite.
She defines the Islamic worldview as "an action-oriented worldview that encompasses social, cultural, and political elements, including religious and secular ijtihad" and emphasizes its reliance "on the human capacity to reason and its goal, the construction of fairness (qist) in the decision-making process that brings equilibrium (taqwa)" (119).