QISUQueensland Injury Surveillance Unit (Australia public hospital data)
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It states that in order to prepare their defense, lawyers have the right to "look up, make excerpts from and duplicate litigation documents and technical documents" in the prosecutors' files, after the case is transferred to the procuratorate by the police for "review for prosecution" (shencha qisu).
(111) According to the SPP Rules: Litigation documents refer to those legal litigation documents made specifically for filing for investigation, taking coercive measures, determining investigation methods, as well as initiating the prosecution review process, such as the document on filing for investigation (lian jueding shu), detention order (juliu zheng), the document approving arrest (pizhun daibu jueding shu), the document deciding arrest (daibu jueding shu), the arrest warrant (daibu zheng), and the opinion on prosecution of the crime (qisu yijian shu).