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QITQuantum Information Technology
QITQueensland Institute of Technology (now Queensland University of Technology)
QITQuality in Time (Sweden)
QITQuality Improvement Team
QITQuantum Information Theory
QITQuality in Tourism (UK)
QITQua Iboe Terminal (Nigeria)
QITQuebec Iron & Titanium (Canada mining company)
QITQuality Information & Test System
QITQueens in Training (est. 1999)
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The Northrop QIT discovered that while students seemed to read fluently out loud, they didn't always understand what they were reading.
In view of shippers' feedback in Step 2, the QIT needed to develop a maritime security improvement model that accommodated appropriate measures to gauge outcomes and performance in line with the overall maritime safety and security policy of the LSC under study.
QIT upset me when two of our best friends announced that they were splitting up.
In an income-cap state, this exemption authorizes use of a QIT.
For example, a QIT may work hard to reduce cycle time at test and be lauded for meeting their goal.
The QIT can be operated in three modes: selected ion detection; selected ion storage; and selected ion ejection.
Building on the experiences and successes of the TQM program, QIT, and steering committee, the medical center began its patient-centered redesign process in early 1994.
To date QIT projects and the TQP initiative have concentrated mainly on the production and distribution areas and have generally been much less active in the administrative and support functions.
Strategic Plan a secret document drafted by a select, elite QAT or QIT which calls for re- engineering
It worked like this: A QIT might be formed to look at reducing cycle time.
Serving as part of the QIT is viewed positively because it involves a team effort, a team environment," said Krejci.