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The result was my 2013 QJAE article unfavorably contrasting Schumpeter's theory of entrepreneurship with that of Kirzner.
Miller for assistance in assembling complete 2001-2010 contents for the QJAE and RAE, to Roger Koppl and Sanford Ikeda for their help in collecting complete data for the AAE, and to Ben Powell and two anonymous referees for helpful comments.
(1) An anonymous QJAE reviewer suggests using the Austrian JEL code (B53) to identify Austrian articles published in non-Austrian journals.
His rankings are broadly similar to those reported here, though he only included articles from the QJAE and the RAE.
(4) An anonymous QJAE reviewer cautions: "A book review is certainly not equal to an article as a scholarly exercise.
He found that Austrian scholars' publications in mainstream journals were cited more than publications in the QJAE or RAE.
As I note in my QJAE paper (Dolan 2014b) and at greater length elsewhere (Dolan 2014a), the Austrian approach characteristically views environmental issues as coordination problems Following that reasoning, environmental problems arise when two or more parties have conflicting uses for a given resource.
By contrast, the editors of the QJAE and RAE will be better able to judge the value of Austrian scholarship and select more appropriate referees.
Specifically I first consider if authors publish more frequently over time in the QJAE and RAE, as would be expected if Austrians merely preached to the choir.
Authors did not on average publish more frequently in the QJAE or RAE later in the decade, either in total or as a proportion of their publications.
I first examine patterns of publication by individual authors in the QJAE and RAE.
Table 1 reports the twenty most prolific authors based on papers and pages published in the QJAE and RAE over the decade.