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QKDQuantum Key Distribution
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In contrast to public- key cryptography protocols like Diffie-Hellman, RSA, and elliptic-curve cryptography, QKD systems leverage the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics using photons of light, not prime numbers, to physically transfer a shared secret between two entities.
Figure 4 illustrates the model of the famous QKD protocol [14].
Like many QKD systems, Islam's key transmitter uses a weakened laser to encode information on individual photons of light.
China is already using satellite-based QKD in some metropolitan areas, combined with fiber optic cable systems, to set up a large network of quantum communication across the sprawling country.
To realize the security even with a noisy quantum channel, we need to modify the original QKD protocol.
The objective of the QKD protocol's reconciliation stage is to correct errors in the quantum channel data in such a way that the expected secrecy yield is as high as possible.
It seems likely that quantum cryptography (QK) or to be precise, quantum key distribution (QKD), can be used in every day's life to provide unconditionally secure distribution of secret key material.
Quantum key distribution (QKD), a process within the context of quantum cryptography, generates a random encryption key shared by the sender and recipient.
In the middle of quantum transport phenomena, quantum key distribution (QKD) should be settle down for communication among entities.
The technology in question is known as quantum key distribution or QKD.
There have been many ingenious applications of quantum information science through the combination of quantum communication and quantum cryptography [1, 2] since Bennett and Brassard [3] first proposed the original quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol in 1984, which is a way for two remote users to share a private key for encrypting or decrypting secret messages in a quantum channel.