QL3Qualification Level 3 (Canadian Army)
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However, these are not isolated instances since resistance has also been detected in a cultivated sorghum cultivar (QL3) from Australia (Williams et al., 1982).
2003 [17] 12p12 t(12;22)(pl2;qll) 12q13 t(9;22;12)(q34;qn;ql3) 12ql4 t(9;22;12)(q34;qll;ql4) 15q15 t(9;22;15)(q34;qll;ql5) 15q15 t(l5;22)(ql5;qll) 15q24 t(9;22;15)(q34;qll;q24) 5q13,7q11 t(5;7;9;22)(ql3;qll;q34;qll) 6q24, 8q24 t(6;9;22;8)(q24;q34;qll;q24) 7q22,15q14 t(7;9;22;l5)(q22;q34;qll;ql4) 4q12 t(4;22)(ql2;qll) Baxter et al.
This plan, called "Op Minerva", along with a bastardised critical mass concept of the defunct CREW trials, formed the basis from which the Army's senior leadership decided, in December 1996, to establish recruiting quotas or goals for women in the combat arms: "This order calls for achieving a critical mass of 25 per cent women on future QL3 combat arms serials."