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Analysis was performed using the QLab advanced quantification software version 8.1 (Philips, Bothell, WA, USA).
* Introduction to QLab Theatrical Sound Playback Software: Introduction to basic features, with a particular focus on the concept of cueing
The RV cavity area [[OMEGA].sub.B] for each frame in a complete cardiac cycle has been measured by "area plugin" function from QLAB software using manual tracing of the endocardial contour by the specialist.
The updated version is designed to deliver workflow and diagnostic benefits by providing access to the advanced quantification capabilities of QLAB, including state-of-the-art 2D and 3D ultrasound, into the echocardiographer's everyday clinical practice, says the company.
As for the Kuwaiti singer Nabil Shoayel he'll be singing for the drama series "Jidar Al Qlab" (Walls of the Heart) a song that was written by Baha Al Deen Muhammad and composed by Ziad Al Taweel.
Time-intensity curves of the regions of interest (ROI) placed over the lesional and normal breast tissues were acquired using QLAB software.
The installation's setup was fairly simple: A puppeteer monitored the participant's speech transmitted via the headset, then typed out a reply appropriate to the artificial intelligence "character." When complete, the text appeared back on the screen via theatre design control software QLab. The performer simultaneously triggered the built-in text-to-speech feature found on all Macs, and so the computer read the response aloud in the character's computerized voice.
But because the actors were reacting to the images via preset cues from the live performance software QLab, the group wanted to add components to Half Life that could be controlled by the onstage performers.
An interface with Philips QLAB will provide clinicians with access to 3D/4D image manipulation and analysis.