QLFQue la Famille (French: Only the Family)
QLFQuantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence (medical imaging)
QLFQuebec-Labrador Foundation (Atlantic Center for the Environment; Ipswich, MA)
QLFQuality Liquid Feeds (Dodgeville, WI)
QLFQuality Loss Function
QLFQuantitative Laser Fluorescence (diagnostic technique)
QLFTry Sending Code With Your Left Foot (amateur radio code)
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What struck me the most about the QLF was the political awareness, intellectual curiosity, fearlessness, willingness to engage and maturity of its largely youthful audience the festival is, of course, organised by and takes place at the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS).
The QLF is a two-day literary event that aimed to introduce the culturally rich city of Quetta to the contemporary literary, artistic and aesthetic dialogue.
Serena Hotels is delighted to have played its role in supporting BUITEMS for organising the first QLF.
The QLF method was suggested as an efficient technique not only for the detection early caries but also monitoring the progression of a lesion or remineralization process (25).
The study showed a reduction in the development of lung fibrosis among people treated with Ofev, as measured by quantitative lung fibrosis (QLF) score.
However, when the QLF is utilized with the same parameters and design processes, the output is more volatile than the BLF one, and the convergence rate is slower than the BLF method.
(2000) and MUNOZ-BERROCAL et al.(2005), as follows: Brody I (y = [ae.sup.-cn]), Brody II (y = [ae.sup.-bn] [ae.sup.-cn]), Cobuci (y = a-cn+ln(n)), Incomplete Gamma Function IGF (y = [an.sup.b] [e.sup.-cn]), Linear Hyperbolic--LHF (y = a+bn+cl/n), Inverse Polynomial--IPF (y = n/(a+bn+[cn.sup.2]), Quadratic Logarithmic QLF (y = a+bn+[cn.sup.2]+dLog(n)), Papajcsik and Bodero (y = [ane.sup.-cn]) and Parabolic Exponential PEF (y = [ae.sup.bn+cn2]).
It can be recommended that the systems such as Laser Fluorescence, Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence (QLF) and Digital Image fiberOptic Trans-illumination (DiFOTI) do facilitate earlier detection of enamel caries.
In the first step of analysis, data was coded like "CL" for claim, "DT" for data, "WRT" for warrant, "BCK" for backing and "QLF" for qualifier.
En la literatura existen diversos enfoques para abordar problemas de variabilidad funcional; sin embargo, por su robustez prevalecen fundamentalmente los siguientes: la funcion de perdida de calidad (Quality Loss Function, QLF), el control estadistico multivariante de procesos (Multivariate Statistical Process Control, MSPC) y el control ingenieril de procesos (Engineering Process Control, EPC).
Quantitative laser fluorescence (QLF) is a method of measuring the induced tooth fluorescence and quantifying tooth demineralization and lesion severity.
Pharmaceutical company Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co (NYSE MKT:TPI) disclosed on Tuesday that it expects to receive the formal Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for its Qionglai Facility (QLF) from the China Food & Drug Administration's (CFDA) by the end of December 2014.