QLMSQueens Lake Middle School (Williamsburg, VA)
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"CARAMEL (PG) is an amiable, if a little slow, Qlm following the lives and loves of a group of women in a Beirut beauty salon.
"In the Qlm he is actually doing my accent which is this weird southern accent which after two pints becomes Geordie."
He also worked on big budget Qlm chillers AVP: Alien vs Predator and Resident Evil.
EC: European Community ECU: European Currency Unit EMS: European Monetary System ERM: Exchange Rate Mechanism ILM: Internal labour markets OLM: Occupational labour markets QLM: Qualification-based labour markets SAP: Social Action Programme SC: Social Charter
Niemiec has spent the last two years leading the Account Executives at QLMS through a period of rampant growth, which has prepared him to help the company continue that expansion.
QLMS couldnt be in better hands as it writes the next chapter in its story of innovation, client service and success, said Bob Walters, President and Chief Operating Officer of Quicken Loans.
Niemiec replaces David Schroeder, who led QLMS the previous four years.
Id like to thank Dave for his passionate and thoughtful leadership of QLMS, said Walters.