QLRQueen's Lancashire Regiment (UK military)
QLRQuick Lock Release (oceanic weight pockets; scuba accessory)
QLRQuality of Life Research (journal; International Society for Quality of Life)
QLRQuinnipiac Law Review (Hamden, CT)
QLRQuantitative Location Reconciliation
QLRQuery/Layout/Report Manager (software)
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Confidence levels for the QLR statistic shown in Figure 2 are from Stock and Watson (2010b), Table 14.6.
This table reports p values of the QLR stability test (Andrews 1993) on individual parameters, labeled "Individual p value," and the p values of each step of the Inoue and Rossi (2011) ESS procedure, labeled "ESS p value." Source: Chang and Li (2015a, Forthcoming).
The periscope's QLR mode allows a fast, programmable 360 degree panoramic view.
I WOULD like to take this opportunity in thanking Liverpool city council, parks and greenspaces and especially Mr Nigel Sharp the parks development officer for assisting myself and my regiment (1 QLR) in allowing us to place a memorial plaque in St Johns Gardens on Sunday, July 15.
Dr Derek Keilloh - at that time the QLR's Regimental Medical Officer - supervised a failed resuscitation attempt of the shirtless detainee.
The QLR statistic is computed over a trimmed subset of the sample from 1958 to 1985 with two restrictions, both for the overall panel with 20 cross sections and for individual country panels with 4 cross sections each.
the Mentally Ill?, 22 QLR 811, 825, 838-40, 844-45 (2004); Tamar M.
Virginia and the Literary Imagination, 17 QLR 337, 339, 353 (1997) (arguing that "judges need to pay attention to narratives of hierarchy that convey the human meaning of the situation in question, if they are to deliver judgments that are truly principled and free from bias," and noting that "[c]ompassion connects us to shared vulnerabilities and needs"); see also Mary Ann Case, Couples and Coupling in the Public Sphere: A Comment on the Legal History of Litigating for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 79 VA.
Finally, with the exception of one soldier pleading guilty to a war crime of inhumane treatment (see above n 7) all the other accused, including a former CO of the QLR, were acquitted.
(28.) See Elizabeth Scott and Thomas grisso, Developmental Incompetence, Due Process, and Juvenile Justice Policy, 83 NC L rev 793 (2005); Thomas grisso, Dealing with Juveniles' Competence to Stand Trial: What We Need to Know, 18 QLr 371 (1999).
Last month, four of the soldiers standing trial, including Colonel Jorge Mendonca, 43, the QLR's former commander, were cleared on the judge's orders due to a lack of evidence against them.