QLSQuick Look Station (US NASA)
QLSQuantum Leap Strategy
QLSQuasi-Least Squares
QLSQuiet Line State (Cisco)
QLSQue Lo Sepas
QLSQuick Look Study
QLSQueue Length Threshold
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QLS is a Quilvest affiliate based in Luxembourg providing Private Equity/Real Estate administration services and supporting over USD 5 Billion of assets.
This table reveals that estimated particle sizes are very similar with those measured by QLS, except for the PHeMA/PMMA weight ratios of 20/80 and 10/90, which suggests some aggregation.
To test concordance validity of DAI-10, correlation between DAI-10 and the scales used in the study (QLS, PANSS, SFS) were analyzed, taking into consideration that scores received on each scale were presumed to be affected by drug compliance.
Also important is the fact that, even with growth cessation, supplementation with GH may improve QoL-AGHDA and QLS scores [18].
If I were going to use Surefire's Masterfire RDH professionally, I'd attach it to a Safariland QLS fork and use it when the mission dictated such as with a sound suppressor or times when I knew my support hand would be occupied.
gondii IgM and IgG levels and age, age at onset, duration of illness, chlorpromazine equivalent level, positive PANSS, negative PANSS, total PANSS, patient SCoRS, informant SCoRS, interviewer SCoRS, global SCoRS, CDS or QLS scores.
Considering that the QLS requires a proxy to complete it, two nurses who were experts in mental health, and who had followed-up the participants for at least five years reported on the QoL of the participants through this instrument.
Particle size of the nanocomposites was measured with a Nanosize S-90 quasielastic light scattering (QLS) apparatus from Malvern Instrument at 25[degrees]C.
A12-week randomized controlled trial conducted on 60 subjects showed higher scores of QLS (quality of life scale) and GAF (global assessment of functioning) in patients treated with memantine compared to the control group [35].
While QIs are important in successfully executing LKPEs, costs associated with utilizing Qls are crucial aspects of such transactions.