QM1Quartermaster First Class (naval rating)
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Although QM2''s length of 1,132ft is only little longer than QM1''s 1,019ft, their designed cruising speed is identical at 29 knots.
That changed last December 4, just two days after finding out I'd been selected for advancement to QM1.
Los estudiantes completaron seis escalas, cinco de estas de experiencias perceptuales: la Escala de Imagineria (QM1) (Sheehan, 1967; Richardson, 1990; alfa de Cronbach = .77), un inventario de 35 items que mide la intensidad de la imagineria en una escala Likert 1-7, siendo 1 alta imagineria y 7 baja imagineria, en siete modalidades sensoriales (solo dos se usaron: visual, por ej.
* QM1 -Commitment of top management on quality initiatives (Ahire, Golhar & Waller, 1996)
Eleven quality management practices were reduced to two principal components QM1 and QM2.
The long-distance microscope used was QM1 (Questar); it had a working range of 560-1520 mm, and a maximum magnification of 125X.
Premier's newly patented AP6 discs are available for the QM1. This disc system will significantly increase the product's performance, efficiency and productivity.