QM3Quartermaster Third Class (Naval Rating)
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These factors reflect behaviours observed by educational staff in the current study, including self-harming, low self-worth, an inability to take pride in their work and a dislike of confrontation (QG1; QM2; QM3; QN3; QN9).
The Queen Mary 2 should really be QM3, since the name was first held by a humble Clyde paddle steamer.
USS Hornet (CVS-12, 1966)--Seeking anyone, esp QM3 Jack Stewart and/or QMSN Loyd Almond, who has knowledge of back injury I sustained while aboard ship; also USS Canberra (CAG-2, 1968)--Seeking anyone, esp QM3 Joe Butler and/or MM3 Boone McKee, who can verify exposure to concussions from cannon fire without protective headgear--Robert D.
QM3 Summer Blue uses a sextant to shoot a sun line to determine the relative position of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) during a recent deployment.
Table 1 Nominal Growth Rates of Monetary Aggregates QM3 M3 M3-M1 M1 Sample 73:1-94:4 Mean 7.39 7.69 7.66 7.74 Standard deviation 2.56 2.30 2.43 3.08 Sample 73:1-78:4 Mean 8.79 9.36 9.01 10.04 Standard deviation 2.44 1.26 1.41 3.49 Sample 79:1-86:4 Mean 8.17 8.56 8.81 8.07 Standard deviation 2.12 1.97 2.25 2.11 Sample 87:1-90:2 Mean 5.80 5.57 5.27 6.15 Standard deviation 0.98 1.34 1.62 1.22 Sample 90:3-94:4 Mean 5.38 5.56 5.67 5.34 Standard deviation 2.50 1.57 1.55 2.63 NOTES: "QM3" denotes the Divisia aggregate, "M3" the simple-sum monetary aggregate, "M1" narrow money, and "M3-M1" quasi money for Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
The French carmaker's local unit in Korea had tried to take a similar measure when it started importing and selling the QM3 crossover from Spain in 2013, but decided to keep the name "Samsung" in the brand based on its belief that the Renault brand itself was still too foreign to Korean customers at that time.