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QMASQuality Management and Analysis System (UK)
QMASQuality Migrant Admission Scheme (Hong Kong immigration system)
QMASQuality Measurement Advisory Service
QMASQuasi Morphine-Abstinence Syndrome
QMASQuality Manufacturing Assurance Systems (automotive industry)
QMASQuantum Nagic Angle Spinning
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It includes data for the great majority of QMAS practices in England (covering over 99 percent of patients).
Adam Broder will join QMA as head of Global Distribution, a new role that combines oversight of all client-facing activity for the first time.
Broder will draw upon the depth of expertise of QMA and will be able to leverage the full scale of PGIM, the $1.0 trillion plus global investment management businesses of Prudential Financial, Inc., to further develop sales and client service, marketing and consultant relations.
IMU mainly consists of three ring laser gyroscopes (RLG) and three quartz mechanical accelerometers (QMA) assembled in inertial sensing assembly (ISA) structure in orthogonal triads [12].
QMAS secretary Martin Dufresne notes that divorcing and separating men constitute the majority of murderers.
Data for the influenza immunization indicators for patients with CHD, COPD, diabetes, and stroke were taken from the Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS), the national information system supporting the QOF, for the financial years 2004/05 to 2009/10.
The NCBD is a collaborative initiative of the Quality Measurement Advisory Service (QMAS), Stillwater, MN; The Picker Institute, Boston, MA; and Westat, Rockville, MD.