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QMBQualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMBQuartz Microbalance
QMBQuality Management Board
QMBQuickchange Moveable Barrier (Barrier Systems Inc.)
QMBQueen Mother Board (Red Hat Society)
QMBQuake Made Better (gaming, Quake 1 modified engine)
QMBQualitäts-Management-Beauftragter (German: Quality Management Representative)
QMBQuaker Marching Band
QMBQuantitative Methods of Business (academic course)
QMBQarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Bank (Iran)
QMBQueen and Member Board (Red Hat Society)
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Vicki discovered that Maryland's Medicaid Buy-In could replace QMB, covering all the same Medicare costs, while providing some additional services.
The first column in Table 2 shows the simulated baseline distribution of Medicare spending and beneficiary out-of-pocket costs-cost sharing, program premiums, and supplemental premiums--under current program rules across all fee-for-service beneficiaries not enrolled in Medicaid, QMB, or Medicare Advantage.
The QMB program is for persons with limited resources whose incomes are at or below the national poverty level.
QMB support led the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) to study squadron organizational safety.
From a safety perspective, QMB provided a reversible-lane solution with minimal worker exposure to traffic while permitting access for emergency vehicles.
The company will develop a number of technologies including metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS/MOX), quartz micro balance (QMB), metal oxide semiconductor field effect (MOSFET) and metal silicon carbide (MISiC) technologies.
The implementation of the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program offered a substitute for Medicaid, and expanded health insurance eligibility to a higher income level.
For example, even though the federal government defines the categories of people who qualify for assistance, a QMB in one state might be a SLMB in another.
In order to qualify for QMB, your income must be at or below the national poverty level and your financial resources (bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc.) cannot be greater than $4,000 for one person or $6,000 for a couple.
You may be eligible for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program in Wyomimg.
The Qualified Medical Beneficiary (QMB) program introduced in 1988 does insulate very low-income beneficiaries from the impact of high Medicare cost-sharing.