QMDQuantum Molecular Dynamics
QMDQuality Management Division
QMDQuality Mountain Day (Mountain Leader Training Association; UK)
QMDQuality Measurement Data (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, MD)
QMDQuantitative Methods Division (US DoD; Inspector General)
QMDQingdao Qiyao Wärtsilä Mhi Linshan Marine Diesel Co. Ltd. (China)
QMDQualified Marketing Director
QMDQuantum Metrology Division
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We believe that having a network of 13 stations, and working closely with QMD will allow us to produce high-quality data which can contribute towards enhancing the adoption of clean and sustainable energy sources such as solar power.
CARC, coracoarcualis; CH, coracohyoideus; CHV, ventral hyoid constrictor; CHYM, coracohyomandibularis; CM, coracomandibularis; DHYM, depressor hyomandibularis; DM, depressor mandibularis; DR, depressor rostri; F, fascia; MC, Meckelian cartilage; POM, preorbitalis medial; QMA, quadratomandibularis anterior; QMD, quadratomandibularis deep; QMM, quadratomandibularis medialis; QMP, quadratomandibularis posterior; VR-SUPC, ventral superficial branchial constrictor muscles.
QMD was created in 2006 by CSIC, Wartsila and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (TYO:7011) under an agreement signed by Qingdao Qiyao Linshan Power Development and Panda Shinco Holding BV, a company jointly owned by Wartsila and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
QMD was jointly established by MHI, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and Wartsila Corporation of Finland.
The new digital (eight-channel) HD OB van includes a Ross Vision 2 QMD multi-definition production switcher, openGear and a NK 32x32 router used for remote/mobile news production.
The quality medical director (QMD) supports the team leaders, especially those with little experience in leading improvement efforts.
(QMD); Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Plant (YMD), a group company of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC); and Zhejiang Yungpu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tree diameter was converted to basal area to develop a quadratic mean diameter (QMD).
QMD is associated with the magnetic moment of the fermions and accounts for all magnetic interactions between magnets.