QMDQuantum Molecular Dynamics
QMDQuality Management Division
QMDQuality Mountain Day (Mountain Leader Training Association; UK)
QMDQuality Measurement Data (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, MD)
QMDQuantitative Methods Division (US DoD; Inspector General)
QMDQingdao Qiyao Wärtsilä Mhi Linshan Marine Diesel Co. Ltd. (China)
QMDQualified Marketing Director
QMDQuantum Metrology Division
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We believe that having a network of 13 stations, and working closely with QMD will allow us to produce high-quality data which can contribute towards enhancing the adoption of clean and sustainable energy sources such as solar power.
CARC, coracoarcualis; CH, coracohyoideus; CHV, ventral hyoid constrictor; CHYM, coracohyomandibularis; CM, coracomandibularis; DHYM, depressor hyomandibularis; DM, depressor mandibularis; DR, depressor rostri; F, fascia; MC, Meckelian cartilage; POM, preorbitalis medial; QMA, quadratomandibularis anterior; QMD, quadratomandibularis deep; QMM, quadratomandibularis medialis; QMP, quadratomandibularis posterior; VR-SUPC, ventral superficial branchial constrictor muscles.
QMD was created in 2006 by CSIC, Wartsila and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (TYO:7011) under an agreement signed by Qingdao Qiyao Linshan Power Development and Panda Shinco Holding BV, a company jointly owned by Wartsila and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
QMD was jointly established by MHI, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and Wartsila Corporation of Finland.
The new digital (eight-channel) HD OB van includes a Ross Vision 2 QMD multi-definition production switcher, openGear and a NK 32x32 router used for remote/mobile news production.
Apesar de em maior dimensao do que constatado nesta pesquisa, o estudo de Sower, Quarles e Broussard (2007), realizado com 393 membros da Divisao de Gerenciamento da Qualidade (QMD) da Associacao Americana para Qualidade (ASQ), um retorno de 15,7% dos questionarios enviados tambem retrata baixa adesao nesse quesito, dado que somente 34% dos pesquisados confirmaram reportar sistematicamente os custos da qualidade nessas quatro categorias.
The quality medical director (QMD) supports the team leaders, especially those with little experience in leading improvement efforts.
(QMD); Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Plant (YMD), a group company of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC); and Zhejiang Yungpu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tree diameter was converted to basal area to develop a quadratic mean diameter (QMD).
En este estudio se consideraron tres atributos de rodal: area basal (ba), numero de arboles por hectarea (nth) y diametro cuadratico medio (qmd).
QMD is associated with the magnetic moment of the fermions and accounts for all magnetic interactions between magnets.