QMDCQueensland Murray Darling Committee (Australia)
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Project name : 400KV QMDC Line from Julurupadu SS to Munigalaveedu of LEngth 90Kms on Turnkey Basis
Project name : Supply erction tesng and commissioning of 400 KV SS at Tippapur and connected 400KV QMDC LINES in Karimnagar district on Turnkey basis under Kaleshwaram LIS Project
Tenders are invited for construction of 400/220/132 kV substation at Rachaganneri along with connected network of 400kV QMDC LILO line (45 x 2 Kms),220/132/33kV Naidupeta Substation,220kV DC Line from Rachaganeer SS to Naidupeta SS (40Kms),132/33kV Yerpedu Substation,132kV Yerpedu -Rachaganneri DC Line(5 Kms),132kV DC Line for making LILO of existing 132kV Naidupeta - Gudur Line to the proposed 220kV SS Naidupeta (15 Kms),132kV DC Line from proposed 220kV Naidupeta SS to 132kV Menakur SS(8 Kms), 132kV Bay extensions at 132kV Menakur SS on total turnkey basis in the state of AR