QMINQuest Minerals and Mining (stock symbol)
QMINQuantitative Methods in Neuroscience (textbook)
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The lowest discharge in each water year (the annual minimum or QMIN) and within the period 1 November to 31 March (QMINw) were obtained for various stations, and examples of their probability distributions are shown in Figure 6.
The following procedure is applied: the minimum quality value qmin is raised, thus allowing more flows to be deleted until the required average path length is achieved.
Las dimensiones del vertedero determinan las condiciones de franqueabilidad y el caudal minimo requerido (Qmin) para garantizar la funcionalidad del bypasss.
The machine responds without delay due to the permanently provided basic flow (Qmin).
where [q.sub.max] is the maximum value of [q.sub.1] and [q.sub.2] and qmin is the minimum value of [q.sub.1] and [q.sub.2].