QMLQuasi-Maximum Likelihood (statistics)
QMLQuest Markup Language (XML-based gaming language)
QMLQT Modelling Language (programming)
QMLQualified Manufacturing Line
QMLQualified Manufacturer's List
QMLQualified Materials List
QMLQuest Mailing List (online gaming)
QMLQuarter Mile Lane (school; Bridgeton, NJ)
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Based on the same QML pedigree and silicon as the company's HiRel solutions, Cobham's LeanREL ICs can enable significant cost savings--up to 60% depending on quantities, to extend mission durations well beyond that of typical off-the-shelf ICs and greatly speeds up time to market through rapid prototyping.
Teledyne e2v worked closely with the DLA and NASA to help shape the QML Class Y certification and now holds AS9100 and QML Classes Q, V and Y site certifications, making it one of the highest qualified manufacturers of advanced semiconductor solutions in the world.
Specifically we implement this quasi-maximum likelihood (QML) estimator via the ST ATA command developed by (Kripfganz, 2016).
Mulanay Mayor Joselito Ojeda, former president of QML, said his town in the Bondoc Peninsula district would be the first local government unit to initiate holding peace talks at the grassroots level.
of a AUD7.05 billion acquisition of Queensland Motorway Ltd (QML,
(1987), we employ the quasi-maximum likelihood (QML) estimation method in order to obtain robust estimates even in case of non-normality.
1522,707 LR estadistico 1037,042 Prob del LR 0,000000 estadistico Variable dependiente: RISK Metodo de estimacion: ML--Logit binario Muestra: 1 1226 Observaciones incluidas: 1.226 Convergencia alcanzada luego de 13 iteraciones QML (Huber/White) error estandar & covarianza Fuente: elaboracion propia.
Algunos enfoques para la estimacion del modelo de volatilidad estocastica son: 1) la cuasimaxima verosimilitud (QML) sugerida por Nelson (1988) y por Harvey, Ruiz y Shephard (1994); 2) el enfoque Bayesiano jerarquico propuesto por Jacquier, Polson y Rossi (1994) y 3) el enfoque de cuasi-maxima verosimilitud mejorada (IQML) propuesto por Breidt y Carriquiry (1996).
However, the former QML titlists Rayyan, pulled it off when it mattered most.
Algorithm for the Minimal Permutation Quantum Reversible Logic Circuits Representation in QML. For more details, see Algorithm 2.
that Jolla hasn't announced its (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/364288/20120718/jolla-mobile-launch-app-store-angry-birds.htm ) application ecosystem story yet, other than Qt and Qml, and the article by 3T "is misleading.