QMMQuality Management Manual (various organizations)
QMMQuick March Medley
QMMQuest Migration Manager
QMMQuality Money Management
QMMQuasi-Multiple Medium Method
QMMQuadratic Minimax
QMMQuadrature Multipath Monitor
QMMQuark Media Manager
QMMQuestion Mark and the Mysterians (band)
QMMQuest for the Magic Marbles (online role playing game)
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"The emergence of QMM may bring more competition to the U.K., Australia, or Malaysia markets, but if Hollywood intends to shoot films elsewhere, they will.
Meanwhile, having failed to rein in companies such as QMM, the British government is actively championing them through trade, investment and tax policies.
CARC, coracoarcualis; CH, coracohyoideus; CHV, ventral hyoid constrictor; CHYM, coracohyomandibularis; CM, coracomandibularis; DHYM, depressor hyomandibularis; DM, depressor mandibularis; DR, depressor rostri; F, fascia; MC, Meckelian cartilage; POM, preorbitalis medial; QMA, quadratomandibularis anterior; QMD, quadratomandibularis deep; QMM, quadratomandibularis medialis; QMP, quadratomandibularis posterior; VR-SUPC, ventral superficial branchial constrictor muscles.
The relationship of the Blue Mountain Granodiorite to the QMM of the Landry Brook pluton is uncertain, as no contacts were observed.
The QMM estimates are similar to those found using macroeconomic models in other countries and would widely be regarded as mainstream.
Other process models include cleanroom engineering that has shown reduced errors per KLOC for small projects (Fenton & Neil, 1999), and the quality management metric (QMM) (Osmundson, Michael, Machniak, & Grossman, 2003).
29 Q Comm QMM 24 24,028 25,686 International 30 Sento Corp.
One estimate of the effectiveness of monetary policy comes from the Central Bank of Iceland's new Quarterly Macroeconomic Model (QMM).
<288 million> 31 Q Comm QMM 24 16.4 International (AMEX) million / <1.6 million> 32 Sento Corp.