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QMOQOS (Quality of Service) Parameter Matching and Optimization
QMOQuality Management Organization
QMOQualitative Materiel Objective
QMOQuality Method Operation
QMOQuarantine Medical Officer (US Government)
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Covariavel Soma de Quadrados (%) QMO AMMI Tmed 29,45 35,23 Tmax 27,25 33,23 Tmin 29,63 39,23 UR 22,36 21,56 INS 26,04 29,98 PREC 23,01 24,56 Temperatura media (Tmed), temperatura maxima (Tmax), temperatura minima (Tmin), umidade relativa (UR), insolacao (INS) e precipitacao pluviometrica (PREC).
ASHDOWN: XMission has sold a lot of QMO to business customers, as well.
Medical-Waste-Incinerator Operator Certification (QMO): Sandra Bridgers (212) 705-8592
Committee on Qualification of Medical Waste Incinerator Operators (QMO): Richard McGinnis (212) 705-8524
The relationship between the indices Qmr/ Qmo and Qp/Qm is statistically significant ([R.sup.2]>0.16, Fig.
The Qmr/ Qmo index is high and tends to increase towards the top of the formation, where some quartz grains with abraded overgrowths are present, and provide evidence of sedimentary recycling (eg: Zuffa, 1987).
The regiment was the 13th 18th Royal Hussars (QMO).
This compaction may be the reason for the relatively high contents of the Qmo quartz grains (Graham et al., 1976; Arribas et al., 1985).