QMPSQuality Milk Production Services
QMPSQualified Medical Physics Specialist
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The paper is based on two surveys: the first asked questions on the use of and attitudes to quality management practices (QMP) in service organizations; the second asked almost identical questions of Australian manufacturers.
There is no generally agreed definition of QMP. The literature suggests that it is a collection of techniques designed to improve quality outcomes - primarily for customers but also for employees and the organization.
QMP may be useful for organizations which do not yet feel able to commit themselves fully to TQM.
Hammond[13], although not defining QMP explicitly, designed a survey applied to service and manufacturing organizations in several countries which investigated business organization and culture, product and service development, delivery processes and customer satisfaction and quality and strategic planning.
Badri et al.[14] conducted a thorough study of 120 hypothesized components of QMP. They used factor analysis on the 424 responses to a survey of United Arab Emirate firms, to show that QMP could be reduced to eight factors which they labelled as:
49] that manufacturers are much more inclined than service providers to use QMP.
Flynn et al.[17] propose and statistically test a model of the relationships between QMP and performance.
Over the past six years a number of Australian studies have addressed QMP. During 1990, Sohal et al.[19] surveyed members of the Australian Total Quality Management Institute.
The elements of QMP investigated in this study included:
In this paper, we define QMP as the collection of techniques, practices, policies and procedures which are simple to implement and which have an appreciable effect on quality.
Prompted by the changes taking place in manufacturing between 1991 and 1993, the 1991 QMP study conducted by Eisen et al.[21] was repeated in late 1993.
Comparing QMP between manufacturing and service sectors