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We designed and carried out the APC QMPSF, demonstrating that it is capable of reproducibly detecting APC gene deletions.
Various techniques have simplified this type of analysis: MLPA is one widely used method (15 ), real-time PCR methods have also been successfully developed (20), and QMPSF is a simple semiquantitative method that had already been used in the analysis of germline and somatic copy number variations (12-14, 21).
In this study, APC QMPSF consistently detected the loss of 1 copy of all gene fragments.
All deletions detected in the present study were confirmed by per forming independent replicates of the QMPSF analysis and by MLPA, which validated the reliability of our results.
QMPSF is a straightforward, rapid, and low-cost screening technique--similar to MLPA--that should be used before mutational analysis of coding sequences, which is consistent with the conclusions of previous reports (24).