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Su, "Quantitative Mechanical Properties Mapping at the Nanoscale with PeakForce QNM," Bruker Application Note #128 (2011).
QNM maps and distinguishes between nanomechanical properties, including modulus and adhesion, while simultaneously imaging sample topography at high resolution.
The combination of PeakForce QNM with environmental and electrochemical control that is tailored for Li batteries uniquely provides quantitative and relevant nanoscale characterization of Li battery anodes and cathodes.
The EC-AFM accessory fully leverages the Dimension Icon platform's large range, closed-loop tip scanner and exclusive PeakForce QNM Mode for the best EC-AFM performance available.
Two open QNMs of the WiMAX architecture under WCPS and WPSS related bandwidth management schemes can be seen in Fig.
Product-form QNMs constitute a small subset of QNMs, since several strict requirements need to be met for a QNM to be product-form (e.
In PeakForce Tapping , a force-distance curve is obtained at every pixel in an image; PeakForce QNM analyzes this data real time to obtain quantitative nanomechanical information.
The new functionality in PeakForce QNM provides expanded support for a lower modulus range covering live cells and tissues, making it the best mechanical property measurement tool for soft biological samples.
Those variations can be mapped simultaneously and independently at highest spatial resolution using PeakForce QNM.
MultiMode 8 features two new patent-pending technologies from Veeco, ScanAsyst and PeakForce QNM.
Veeco is showcasing ScanAsyst and PeakForce QNM at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA, December 1st through 4th.