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QNXQNX Software Systems (Realtime OS)
QNXQuicken Indexes to Data
QNXQuick Unix
QNXQuick Index
QNXQuicken Indexes (Intuit file extension)
QNXIndexes to Data (File Name Extension)
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The advanced speech recognition and conversational abilities of AI will be particularly important in the evolution of autonomous cars, and BlackBerry will look to incorporate this into its QNX platform for a superior human-machine interface experience.
By using trusted BlackBerry QNX technology, companies around the world can develop safety-certified embedded systems and devices that are not just secure, but BlackBerry Secure," added Kaivan Karimi, SVP and Head of Sales and Marketing for BlackBerry Technology Solutions.
John Wall, SVP and GM of BlackBerry QNX, said, 'BlackBerry's QNX technology has been powering digital instrument clusters in vehicle brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Corvette, Jaguar and Range Rover since 2009.
QNX Acoustics for ANC is a high-performance software solution for reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles.
With this, BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) stock, specifically the QNX department, can be enhanced by Apple Inc's CarPlay.
QNX says it plans to release the platform in December 2012, and unspecified automakers and tier one suppliers are evaluating it for future infotainment systems, according to the company.
According to Reuters, RIM has been counting on the new QNX operating system to make up ground lost to Apple's iPhone and iPad, and the slew of devices that use Google's Android software.
Ottawa, Ontario-based QNX Software Systems was founded in 1980 and acquired by Harman International in 2004.
Deployed in the world's highest-capacity Internet routers, the QNX Neutrino RTOS supports dynamic upgrades, fine-grained fault isolation, and rapid error recovery.
With its Multi-Core Edition, QNX is enabling software developers to rapidly migrate uniprocessing-based designs to those based on innovative multi-core architectures, such as Freescale's MPC8641D dual-core processor containing PowerPC(R) technology.
Together, Freescale and QNX have a long history of collaboration in building off-the-shelf software/hardware solutions for manufacturers of networking and communications equipment," said Lakshmi Mandyam, PowerQUICC III product marketing manager at Freescale.
The QNX Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit (TDK) supports the most advanced graphics processor features, such as hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D draw commands, hardware blit support, layering control, and video capture.