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QODQuestion of the Day
QODQuote of the Day (also seen as QOTD)
QODEvery Other Day
QODQuote of the Day
QODQuick Output Discharge (electronics)
QODQuestions on Doctrine (book; Seventh-Day Adventist Church)
QODQuality of Data
QODQuality Of Design
QODQuitte Ou Double (French: Double Down)
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Descriptive statistics and Spearman correlations for the full sample CKT AKT EKT CKTL AKTL EKTL QOD QOD 0.
The optimization methods of QOD proposed include pruning [8] and micro-clustering.
Table 6 Percentage embodied pollution and water consumption per components of household expenditure HOG CONS CF BOD QOD Metals Nitrogen AP1A 1.
While the SDV Staging Processor can be used on a standalone basis to improve video quality, when used together with the QOD Gateway, it represents the industry's first end-to-end VBR/StatMux solution for SDV, enabling up to 50 percent more streams per QAM at digital broadcast quality.
without Imagine's QOD Gateway statistical multiplexing device), instead of current clamping devices that significantly degrade the incoming digital broadcast signals.
Imagine's Quality On Demand Gateway(TM) (QOD Gateway), part of its QOD Product Suite, integrates Imagine's software on a carrier-grade, off-the-shelf hardware platform, available from multiple suppliers.
XIFAXAN was administered on a tapered dose of 200 mg TID x 2 weeks, 200 mg BID x 2 weeks, 200 mg QD x 2 weeks and 200 mg QOD x 2 weeks.
The QOD Gateway incorporates Imagine's breakthrough core technology and ushers in a totally different, revolutionary way of using standardized tools in the areas of video coding and multiplexing to ensure the best video quality at the lowest bit rate.
Imagine's QOD Gateway introduces breakthrough, third-generation statistical multiplexing technology that dramatically improves bandwidth efficiency and video quality, and ushers in revenue-rich PersonalizedTV programming for operators.
The QOD Gateway system is the underlying infrastructure of Imagine's breakthrough technology, designed to cost-effectively enable tremendous bandwidth improvements, enhanced video quality, and customized service offerings such as targeted ads and personalized audio.
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