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QOFQuality and Outcomes Framework
QOFQuery Object Framework
QOFQuery Object Framework (computing)
QOFQuasi-Orthogonal Function (wireless communications)
QOFQuebec Outfitters Federation (Canada)
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Of these, 310 practices did not contain QOF data, and 99 had no data relating to GPPS (possibly on account of merging and reconfiguring of practices within the data collection time frame relevant to this study) and were excluded.
NHS Information Centre (2011) QOF Prevalence data tables 2010/2011.
With the QOF incentive, hopefully more GPs will now take that time.
The QOF consists of a set of about 150 performance indicators measuring aspects of the quality of primary care, within 4 broad domains: clinical, organisational, patient experience and additional services.
We applied the TNO-Q and the QOF after each experimental condition.
Q WHERE was the famous scene Qof athletes running along a beach at the start of the film Chariots Of Fire shot?
the anticipated financial envelope for sollershott is approximately 2 445 973 over the lifetime of the contract (5 years), with the opportunity to earn extra income via qof and ccg gp enhanced commissioning framework.
Tanto o QOF como o regime de incentivos portugues sao mais do que um esquema remuneratorio, na medida em que se pretendeu desenvolver uma mudanca organizacional estruturada em torno das autonomias profissionais, organizadas de acordo com as necessidades locais de saude e de uma profunda alteracao nas formas de registo clinico, essenciais para a demonstracao de resultados.
Because patient experience was minimally incorporated into the QOF (only 2 of 146 incentivized metrics), it was not surprising that patient-valued aspects of care were not among the successes (Campbell et al.
More than four in five GPs (82 per cent) said the increased demand for appointments related to QOF meant other patients were being squeezed out.
Pressures on income The recent changes to QOF (the Quality and Outcomes Framework) will make a deep hole in practice pockets if rapid action is not taken to ensure new targets are met.
However, in the original article it was stated: "Interchanges of qof and gimel are less common in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, though not unknown, particularly in loan-words.