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QOGQuasi-Optical Gyrotron
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While in the past, this could have been difficult to investigate due to the lack of data on these concepts, the availability of data across EU regions from the QoG index (Charron et al., 2010, 2014) and the regional authority index (Hooghe et al., 201 6; Hooghe, Marks, & Schakel, 2010) now makes this possible.
In this case, we use QoG data for the lowest available level as a proxy for the quality of the regional governments within each region.
Qo[G.sub.r,c] is the final QoG index for region r in country c.
We do not include country dummies for two reasons: first, the calculation of the final QoG index for a region r In country c already includes a country dimension based on the WGI score for country c.
The results indicate that there is a positive and significant interaction between RAI and QoG. This provides support for [H.sub.3]: the potential influence of decentralisation on economic growth greatly depends on the quality of the regional government.
Linde, Jonas (2009) Into grey zone: The recent trend of "hybridization" of political regimes, QoG Working Paper Series 2009:7 (The QOG Institute, University of Gothenburg, Quality of Government) http://www.qog.pol.gu.se/working papers/2009_7_Linde.pdf
410-434 (see first in the QoG Working Paper Series 2009:20, The QOG Institute, University of Gothenburg, Quality of Government, http://www.qog.pol.gu.se/working papers/2009 20 Linde.pdf)
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Variation in Quality of Government: different assessment 1994-1998 1998-2002 2002-2006 2006-2010 Meciar Dzurinda I Dzurinda II Fico Accountability 2 1 0 0 (World Bank) Accountability -2 2 0 -1 (QoG) Corruption -2 0 2 0 (World Bank) Impartiality -2 2 -1 -1 (QoG) -2 = significant worsening, -1 = slight worsening, 0 = stable, 1 = slight improvement, 2 = significant improvement
The dummies are MIXED and MAJORIT, and the main source from which they were compiled is the Electoral system design variable from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, reproduced in the QoG dataset.