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QORQueen's Own Rifles
QORQuality Of Results
QORQueen of Romance
QORQuery on Release
QORQuality of Recovery
QORQuality of Object Relations (psychotherapy)
QORQualitative Operational Requirement
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Now, in 1885, he could not have ignored the opportunity to redeem his old unit, the 2 QOR, a company of which accompanied his column.
At one point Fine Day signalled a frontal assault on the guns, only to face a countercharge by members of the 2 QOR, NWMP and some gunners.
His 2 QOR had acquitted itself well, but it and other advancing units were in danger of being enfiladed by the First Nations who he noticed advancing on either flank.
Various accounts claim that the sight of horsemen caused the Canadians to form a square in anticipation of a charge, only to have the order countermanded, or that when redcoats of the 13th Battalion turned up nearby, the 2nd QOR mistook them for British reinforcements and moved to join them.
Booker's leadership came in for criticism, as did the Canadian militia's effectiveness in general (for almost 20 years the QOR had to endure popular interpretation of its abbreviation as "Quick, Over to the Rear
Two more voices are those of Aubrey Cosens, who gained a posthumous Victoria Cross, and Hank Elliott, a D-Day lieutenant who wound up his military career in the 1990s as Honorary Colonel of the QOR.