QPDQuality, Price, Delivery (British management approach)
QPDQualified Products Database (US DoD)
QPDQuadrant Photodiode
QPDQuasi-Probability Distribution (mathematical function)
QPDQuebec Platelet Disorder
QPDQualified Public Depository
QPDQuery by Pitch Dynamics (indexing system)
QPDQuantity Per Dispensing (medications)
QPDQuiet Peaceful Day (song title)
QPDQuantum Physics Division
QPDQueries Per Day (search engines)
QPDQualified Police Doghandler (RAF)
QPDQuantum Proton Dynamics
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Here, the photo currents of the four cells of QPD are denoted by [i.sub.A], [i.sub.B], [i.sub.C], [i.sub.D].
In the Public Service Management and Employment Act 1988, section 23, the power was extended to dismissal during a six month probationary period for all non-performing appointments and non-contract promotions (Hon Brian Austin, QPD, 19 April 1988, p.5984).
Officers noticed the smell of cannabis at QPD Solutions in Guiseley Way, an industrial unit leased by Bumstead.
Ameijeiras MUVT WTU 5,900 Moa Orestes Acosta MUMO MOA 5,900 Nicaro Nicaro MUNC ICR 5,900 Nueva Gerona Rafael Cabrera MUNG GER 8,200 Pinar del Rio La Coloma MULM LCL 6,500 Sancti Spiritus Sancti Spiritus MUSS 5,900 Trinidad Alberto Delgado MUTD TND 5,900 MILITARY Havana Ciudad Libertad MULB 6,775 Managua, Havana Managua MUMG 9,334 Playa Baracoa Playa Baracoa MUPB 7,500 San Antonio San Antonio MUSA 11,800 San Julian San Julian MUSJ SNJ 8,400 AIRSTRIP (military and/or civil) Florida, Camaguey Florida MUFL 3,250 Mariel, Havana Mariel MUML 5,900 Mayajigua Mayajigua MUMJ MJG 4,250 Pinar del Rio Pinat Norte MUPR QPD 3,600 San Nicolas, Hav.
Vaya una felicitacion y mi reconocimiento a los fundadores: Margarita Marin Solis, Federico Curiel Gutierrez, Ricardo Garcia Palacios, Luis Arturo Velazquez Gutierrez (qpd), Javier Orozco Alvarado, Adrian de Leon Arias, Graciela Lopez Mendez, Alejandro Cazares Martinez, Ana Rosa Moreno Perez, Daniel Sandoval Izarraras, Hortencia Zuniga Sanchez, Emilia Gamez Frias, David Rodriguez Alvarez, Avelino Sordo Vilchis, Alma Francisca Martinez Orozco y Adriana Patricia Lopez Velasco; y a quienes, en diferentes momentos, han hecho que alcance niveles de calidad cada vez mas altos.
The GAD-7 has the best evidence and utility in the primary care setting for generalized anxiety disorder (strength of recommendation [SOR]: A), while the proprietary Quick PsychoDiagnostics Panel (QPD) has the best operating characteristics for panic disorder (SOR: B).
(9) QPD 259, 19 August 1964:12 (Frank Nicklin was MP for Murrumba 1932-50 & Landsborough 1950-68, CP).
Birmingham Arts should be applauded for the former and QPD's wrists slapped for the latter.
And qpd.co.uk is one of the best on-line book buying sites on the go.
"Chiclet's Adams, positivamente una delicia..." Fue creado por publicidad D' Arcy, por Juan Lozano Orozco (QPD).
On one hand, under an applied stress, deformation occurs with the help of pre-existing mobile and disordered sites accounted by defects called quasi point defects (qpd), which determine the molecular mobility (42).