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QPEQualify Post Error
QPEQuantitative Precipitation Estimation (National Severe Storms Laboratory)
QPEQt Palmtop Environment
QPEQuoted Private Equity (finance)
QPEQuality Priority Encoding (digital video compression)
QPEQuestions Processing Engine (Ask Jeeves)
QPEQuality Performance Evaluation
QPEPhysical Education Specialist, Medical (US Navy)
QPEQuantity Per Equipment
QPEQuarter Post Exchange
QPEQuestionnaire and Physical Examination
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Given the limitation of this study, that is, examining the extent to which the four essential teaching dimensions of QPET were associated with students' physical fitness, future studies may explore how other components of CSPAP (CDC, 2013), such as physically active classroom, physically active recess, and physical activity-based afterschool programs along with QPE, contributed to students' health-enhancing physical fitness.
QPE Plans offer other three improvements over a system that relies primarily targeted saving incentives.
Firstly, we compare the QPE of OLBF, ELBF and AILBF.
With FY-4A GIIRS measurements, the forecasts (location, time occurred, QPE, and more) could be improved with better moisture initialization in the NWP model (Li and Liu 2009; Liu and Li 2010).
Zhang, 2013: Comparison of TRMM 2A25 products, version 6 and version 7, with NOAA/NSSL ground radar-based National Mosaic QPE.
QPE average recurrence intervals (ARIs) of the MRMS Q3RAD product based on gridded output derived from the NOAA Atlas 14 point precipitation frequency estimates (Perica et al.
2007) suite of severe weather and aviation products and the quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) products created by the National Mosaic and Multi-Sensor QPE (NMQ; Zhang et al.
This paper provides an overview of the initial operating capabilities of MRMS QPE products.
Howard, and Coauthors, 2011: National Mosaic and Multi-Sensor QPE (NMQ) system: Description, results, and future plans.